Guns of Revenge

I don’t know if it’s rare or not but after months of searching, I finally found Guns of Revenge which Ard wrote under the Ken Hamlin pseudonym. No one I’ve talked to in the book business had heard of it. I found it buried on a dealer’s story on eBay. It arrived today.



It’s a Monarch 555, published in 1965 but copyrighted in 1960. I’m guessing this was the last book Ard finished before he died. The publisher or agent apparently held onto it for a few years.

Ard dedicated the book to “C.C. Wintermute, of the West”.

There is also a two paragraph author’s profile which reads:

“Ken Hamlin is the pseudonym of a well known writer of hard cover and paperback books. A graduate of Dartmouth, he saw extensive service with the Marines during World War II.

“After the war he worked as an investigator for a detective agency, then spent three years as a copywriter with an advertising agency before joining the advertising department of Warner Brothers. Subsequently he left Warners to become a full-time writer.”

The time as an investigator is questionable. In an alumni information form, Ard does not mention it and it is not listed in any of the obituaries.

For Hamlin page:

The pseudonym is actually the name of a close friend of the Ards at the time. He has since passed away. For Eileen Hendrick’s recollection, click here.


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