Ard Titles to be Reprinted

Several William Ard titles may be reprinted in 2011.
I received a note today from scholar Francis M. Nevins that said in part: “My chance encounter with your website last Thanksgiving has borne fruit. Ramble House, a small publisher . . . will be putting out William Ard novels in the old Ace Doubles format. Two to a volume.” He said he thinks the volumes may appear in the next few months.

This will be the first time William Ard has been in print since his death in 1960.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Nevins, not only for helping make Ard available to the general public again, but for his decades of work in the hard boiled and mystery fields.


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One Response to “Ard Titles to be Reprinted”

  1. Fender Tucker Says:

    The first Ramble House Ard double came out in May and was called PERFECT .38. It had The Perfect Frame and .38, two Timothy Dane novels. Next is TWO KINDS OF BAD, with AS BAD AS I AM and WHEN SHE WAS BAD, two Danny Fontaine novels, followed by CALLING LOU LARGO with All I Can Get and And So To Bed, two Lou Largo novels. At least that’s the plan.

    I just got through editing the Fontaine book and Ard sure knows how to write swift, humorous, edgy prose. It reminds me of MAD MEN.

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