Eileen Hendrick unearthed several photos of her husband and family photos with son Bill and daughter Eileen. I’ll be adding a couple every few days. These are great shots that show the author as a family man.

Bill and Eileen, shortly after they were married.  Eileen said in an email note that a young, married fellow who worked in the Art Dept at Buchanan & Co was starting his own photography business.  Bill wanted to give him some business so he scheduled an appointment.  The photographer and his wife had a baby.  It was winter and their apartment “was like an oven”.   By the time he got to the above shot, Eileen said she looked like she felt like she was going to “expire or fall asleep.”  Actually, she has a kind of dreamy expression.  She loves the shot, she said, “because the camera caught the gentle side of our hard-boiled writer.”

William Ard, circa, late 1940s

In the park with son, Bill.

Bill with daughter Eileen, 1953/54.

Photo from a newspaper article about the Ards having dinner at The Stork Club.

Son Billy with his mom, Eileen, in the 1980s.

William Ard as a teenager with his mother, Rose Frances Doran.


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