The Hard Boiled Paperbacks

On this page I’m posting photos of the paperback covers chronologically, along with as much information as I can, such as publication date, edition and cover artist. Please feel free to send me information, corrections, and suggestions. There has been very little research or writing on William Ard, so we’re all pioneers here.

You’ll Get YoursLion 87 1952Art: Harry Schaare The Perfect FramePopular 416 1952Art: ShakedownPopular 467 1952Art:
Double Cross

Popular 494 1953
Double Cross

The Diary

Popular 477 1953
A Girl For Danny

Popular 502 1953
A Girl for Danny

Back cover
You Can’t Stop Me
Popular 526 1953
A Private Party
Popular 569 1954
A Private PartyBack cover No Angels For MePopular 591 1954


Don’t Come Crying To MePopular 639 1955


Don’t Come Crying To Me
Back Cover
Down I Go
Popular 653 1955
Art: DeSoto
Down I Go

Back Cover
Mine To AvengeGold Medal 490 1955

Art: Floherty

Note special promo stamp on
upper right.
youll-get-yours.jpg mr-trouble-f.jpg
You’ll Get YoursLion 129 1956

Art: Schaare

Mr. TroublePopular 723 1956

Art: Johnson

Mr. TroubleBack cover
Hell is a City

Popular 756 1956
Art: Mayers
Hell is a CityBack cover I Fear You NotPopular 763 1956
Damned If He Does
Insert img here
I Fear You NotBack Cover Damned If He Does
Damned If He Does
Back Cover
Club 17Popular 803 1957


ShakedownPopular 1467


A Private Party
Popular 1569
No Angels For MePopular 1591


Cry Scandal
Popular G236Reprint
Cry Scandal
Back Cover
Damned if He Does
Popular 785
Club 17Popular 803 1957


Popular 1467
You Can’t Stop Me
A Private Party
No Angels For Me
You Can’t Stop MePopular 1526 A Private PartyPopular 1569 No Angels For MePopular 1591
Cry Scandal
Cry ScandalPopular G236 The Blonde &Johnny Malloy

Popular EB104 1958

The Blonde. . .Back cover
One Man Massacre
Deadly BelovedDell 991  1958 Buchanan Says NoGold Medal 662 1957 One Man MassacreGold Medal 742 1958
Buchanan Gets Mad
Buchanan Gets MadGold Medal 803 1958 All I Can GetMonarch 124 1959


All I Can GetBack Cover
Guns of Revenge
Guns of RevengeMonarch 145 1960 Sins of Billy Serene
Monarch 152 1960
Like Ice She Was
Monarch 172 1960
Insert img here
Insert img here
Like Ice
Back Cover
Text caption here
Text caption here
Insert img here
Insert img here
Insert img here
Text Caption here
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9 Responses to “The Hard Boiled Paperbacks”

  1. Frank Says:

    Interesting site you have created. I became aware of Ard last week when he was mentioned in one of the blogs i read. Am thinking of picking up a book to try. Do you have any suggestions for a good first book to try?

    • Dennis Miller Says:

      Hi Frank,
      Glad you like the site. I’d suggest Hell is a City, The Perfect Frame, Down I go.
      The Lou Largo series he wrote as Ben Kerr are harder and more violent, whereas the Timothy Dane series are a little lighter. They’re all good, fun reads.
      The real trick will be to find his novels. Most of the ones I have were collected in the late 80s and more recently on eBay. Don’t know if your local library might have any titles or could get them through inter library loan.
      Good luck and let me know how you like him!

  2. 1957 Desoto Says:

    I agree with this.

  3. David Gibbs Says:

    One of the first books I ever read was The Sins Of Billy Serene.I was 12 years old.My dad was reading it and I swiped it when he was at work over several days.My mother found out an stopped me.I never finished it.It was a bit too adult for me I have to admit.I am trying to locate a copy 50 years later for old times sake.

    • Dennis R. Miller Says:

      David, This is one of the most rare of the Ard titles. There are two listed on eBay. One starts at $7. The other starts at $300+. Ramble House Press has begun reprinting some Ard titles. Hopefully, this will be one they reprint in the future.

  4. David Gibbs Says:

    I have just purchased this cheap edition.From the description it falling apart but I got for old times sake and to finish it.Cant remember much about from when I was 12.I don’t suppose it would have won any awards.

  5. Dennis R. Miller Says:

    He didn’t win any awards but he was popular in his day. The tragedy is that he died so young. As I’ve said in other posts, I was really taken with the Buchanan series. Had he lived, William Ard would have, I think, written some classics. I’m glad you found a cheap edition to finish what you started as a boy.

  6. r wolfson Says:

    Great information. I discovered Ard, aka Jonas Ward, at a local flea market when I was told I could choose a third paperback for a dollar. That one was “The Name’s Buchanan” and I immediately recognized the quality of the writing. A search told me Ward was actually William Ard. I’ve since read the rest of Ard’s Buchanan series (not the subsequent writers using the Ward name) and half of his crime novels with the rest on order.
    Let me put in a word for the one I finished last night: A Girl for Danny. Written in a series of chapters that progress in real time, it follows the lives of its characters mostly aboard a New York steamer cruising from the city to points upriver and back. In that span of time, about 150 pages, Ard weaves a story between disparate characters whose lives are bared in the starkest of hardboiled writing. Ard accomplishes in his short novels what writers of lesser talent will never distill: developed characters who are as real as the city they inhabit. Of the many I’ve read so far, A Girl for Danny stands alone in its subject matter and its humanity.
    Keep up the great work introducing folks to great writers and writing. This is an overlooked genre that captured America as few remember and even fewer recorded. Fewer still captured it as brilliantly as William Ard.

    • Dennis R. Miller Says:

      Thanks for your contribution here, R. Wolfson, and your insightful review of A Girl for Danny. After being nearly forgotten for almost a half century, William Ard is regaining the recognition he deserves among readers and collectors. Thank you again.

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